Dan Mills

Dan Mills

Ten years as a recording artist, collaborater with bands (the libertines, the enemy) co writing soundtracks such as Peaky Blinders, now 5 years as consultant a&r for indies and co founder of tnk artist management

Munich Sessions Summer Fest 2023

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone of you that made Summer Fest such an incredible spectacle this year. Whether it was seeing toddlers dancing to their first experience of live music, the crowd growing as the sunset to epic harmonies, or when the weather got crazy and the party just rolled on under rain macs, what underpinned the whole thing was an incredible feel of community and joy. We couldn’t make this happen without the amazing array of international talent, the tireless work from the food trucks, to the bar runners and of course the people of Munich.

We also want to thank our sponsors Paulaner for their continuous support and collaboration!

Will we get three days of sun next year? Who knows. Will it matter? Absolutely not.

From all of us at Munich Sessions, see you again at the next event and stay tuned!!

#munichislive Video

Production: Philip Cockrell

Song: Maze Of Me – Keanan Eksteen