Record Now and Pay Later

We realise times are tough for all at present, but you may also have a lot of spare time and creative output. With that in mind for all studio bookings and sessions completed in 2020 we are offering 6 months payment, so you can get in now and record while you have the time and pay later.

That said if you prefer to pay within 30 days we offer you a 30% discount on your project.

Record Now and Pay Later – BOOK YOUR STUDIO TIME

Studio Concept

We like to think of Munich Sessions as the label you do not need to sign with, offering all the services you need but allowing you to remain independent artists.

Whether you are looking to record a Demo, Single, EP, Album or have a larger project in mind please contact us so we can work out a deal based on your requirements.


Our current prices are as follows:

  • Day rate including engineer (8hrs) – 200,- €
  • Hour rate including engineer – 40,- €
  • Mixing per song – 120,- €
  • Mastering per song – 60,- €
  • Session musician (Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano, Vocals, Brass, Strings and more) – 100,- €

All prices shown are excluding MwSt.

We also offer the following services: 

  • Co-writing / collaboration
  • Instrument lessons
  • Vocal coaching
  • Album, EP, Single Artwork
  • Videographer
  • Photographer
  • Release concert/event organisation
  • Social media marketing plan
  • Release plan
  • Vinyl production
  • CD production
  • GEMA assistance
  • Website development
  • Consulting or management on any or all of your music release requirements

Studio Background

Since we started renovating the room that would become Munich Sessions Studio, I was constantly reminded of the perfect lyric from Cabron by the Chili Peppers “I’m small but I’m strong, I get it on with you”, because I believe it encapsulates what the studio is all about. Taking a small space in the centre of Munich and turning it into a powerful room of music creation.

A constant idea of ours over the last few years has been to create a studio that didn’t excessively bankrupt musicians for quality recordings. As has always been one of the founding principles of Munich Sessions, we aim to take care of those within the music industry who are still working out how the whole thing works. Now, with the Munich Sessions Studio we offer a great opportunity for new bands as well as those who’ve already been on the scene for years to have professional level recordings in a comfortable environment without having to leave the city centre of Munich.

And just to make sure that people don’t miss out on something that you and we have been proud to create together. We’ll help take care of the other aspects of creating a EP or Album including GEMA registration, CD design and production, Spotify uploads and just generally what to do after you’ve created your musical masterpieces.

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