About Us

Munich Sessions operates under a simple principle: we adore music. It has been the lifeblood and driving force for most of our lives and we couldn’t imagine not dedicating as much of our time as possible to it.

Although we all come from different backgrounds, and apply different skills to Munich Sessions as a company, our goal is the same: to help those trying to make it in the ever changing landscape of the music industry.

We’re not aiming to become the world’s best label or recording studio, our aims are to open the playing field for musicians who need that extra helping hand along their way.

We can cover nearly any area that you can think of. As we are all musicians within our own right, we understand both sides of the equation of business vs creativity.

For Musicians, by Musicians
Picture of Patrick Thompson

Patrick Thompson

Multi instrumentalist, composer, and producer of electronic and acoustic music. Keeping music human.

Picture of Alex Keogh

Alex Keogh

Passionate producer and musician working in a wide range of genres.

Picture of Joel Moser

Joel Moser

Drummer, sound tech, photographer, videographer, mic tech and all round legend - our in house Jack of All Trades & Master of Everything.

Picture of Jackson Lynch

Jackson Lynch

Driven entrepreneur with a passion for all things Music and Business.

Picture of Dan Mills

Dan Mills

Ten years as a recording artist, collaborater with bands (the libertines, the enemy) co writing soundtracks such as Peaky Blinders, now 5 years as consultant a&r for indies and co founder of tnk artist management