Professional Services

Munich Sessions plans to play a crucial role in the success and growth of artists seeking access to the music industry. With our expertise and network, we offer a wide range of services to support artists throughout their career journey. Here are some key areas where we at Munich Sessions can provide valuable assistance:

Munich Sessions helps artists refine their skills and enhance their overall artistic vision. We offer guidance on song selection, arrangement, and production, helping artists shape their unique sound and style, with a consultancy offering that brings over ten years of A&R experience and product management at distribution and label arms from across Europe, we can assist to further develop artist talent from across the spectrum of genre and influence.

Munich Sessions serves as the artist’s representative, handling various aspects of their career. From advice on contract negotiation to introduction to appropriate legal advice, managing schedules, and coordinating bookings for live performances, tours, and promotional appearances. Additionally, we provide strategic advice on career decisions, branding, and image development, helping artists make informed choices that align with their artistic goals.

Munich Sessions contains in-house producers and engineers who assist artists in the recording and production process. We ensure high-quality sound and help artists create polished recordings from our Munich Sessions Studio that resonates with the target audience. We can also facilitate collaborations between artists, producers, and songwriters to expand creative possibilities.

One of the key roles of Munich Sessions is to develop effective marketing strategies to promote the artist and their music. We create comprehensive marketing plans, including social media campaigns, press releases, music video production, and collaborations with influencers. By leveraging our industry contacts and expertise, we help artists gain exposure and reach a wider audience.

Managing paperwork and navigating the complexities of the music industry can be overwhelming for artists. Munich Sessions assists with administrative tasks such as registering songs with performance rights organizations (like GEMA), handling licensing agreements, and managing royalty collection. We ensure that artists receive proper compensation for their work and help protect their intellectual property rights.

In summary, Munich Sessions provides a range of services to support artists in their career development. From refining their artistic vision to managing bookings, overseeing production, implementing marketing strategies, and handling administrative tasks, we serve as a dedicated partner, enabling artists to focus on their craft while maximizing their potential for success in the music industry. For more detail of the skill sets and experience we now harbour within the team, please read the biogs on each member and email us with any enquiries as to getting started with a holistic and bespoke plan to bring value to the next stage of your career.