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Patrick Thompson

Multi instrumentalist, composer, and producer of electronic and acoustic music, with a passion for keeping music honest.

Phillip Bracken – Munich Sessions Artist Series #003 – Music & Interview

Long time Session’s friend Phillip Bracken joined us as our third guest for the Artist Series. His music has a beautiful dream like yet grounded quality about it, much the same shines through his personalilty. We’re proud to share the time we spent in the studio with him.

Video – Joel Moser
Audio – P.R Thompson
Interviewer – P.R Thompson

Modern Music Production

Within the modern age of music production, you may well find yourself sitting alone for long periods, hunched over the computer trying to find the

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Self Built is Best Built

When I first started getting the studio together, hiring someone to design and build it was never really an option. Firstly, we simply didn’t have

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