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Dan Mills

Ten years as a recording artist, collaborater with bands (the libertines, the enemy) co writing soundtracks such as Peaky Blinders, now 5 years as consultant a&r for indies and co founder of tnk artist management

Munich Sessions Launch Night

Munich Sessions are delighted to announce the launch night for our new venture: The Munich Sessions Agency. Having brought a myriad of emerging talent from across the world to the Munich scene, as well as giving a platform to local artists that have grown from their first appearances at @lostweekendmunich to other shores, we believe it’s time to step out and represent artists of personality and visceral talent in their journey from our city to international representation.

Appearing at this event are four new signings. We’re inviting you, our friends, fans, family, lovers and a plethora of influencers from the local industry to see whats up, so let’s introduce you:
@clearcoast__ break a live hiatus to infuse their astral pop – like Kevin Parker remixing a Thom Yorke dream – that’s already breaking 100,000 streams per track, all cooked in their beat factory somewhere in Bavaria. Get ready for psychedelic ear worms that advance straight to your dancing shoes via your hips….

@fitz_holt joins our roster from the UK art/soul scene. Hunger Magazine artist of the year, Clash Magazine ‘one to watch’ with last single Medicine, Fitz answers a question nobody asked but wished they had: what would happen if Marvin Gaye and Father John Misty hit New Orleans with some studio time? A vital artist we’re proud to have brought to the party.

@caro_kelley is one of the most respected songwriters in Munich and yet somehow still underrated in our opinion. Having blitzed what seems like a million festivals this summer, Caro will be releasing game changing single “Junk Food” in time for this show and is set to announce debut headlines from Berlin to London via Paris with our agency. Its feel-good soul with a melancholy that creeps into your bones, we love her.

@loriiawithlove is our newest signing. A Hollywood decadence drips through her music, its cherry cola balladry laced with cyanide. Lorii is an example of Munich sheltering insane talent rather than shining a spotlight upon it, and it’s time that changed….

Share if you care. #munichislive

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