The Fortress of Solitude

It should be common knowledge at this point that the music industry is at best, unkind to the psyche, at worst, straight up soul destroying. The saving grace is really the people and those little magic moments on stage or in the studio when everything comes perfectly together. The problem lies in the freelance work […]

Phillip Bracken – Munich Sessions Artist Series #003 – Music & Interview

Long time Session’s friend Phillip Bracken joined us as our third guest for the Artist Series. His music has a beautiful dream like yet grounded quality about it, much the same shines through his personalilty. We’re proud to share the time we spent in the studio with him. Video – Joel Moser Audio – P.R […]

Modern Music Production

Within the modern age of music production, you may well find yourself sitting alone for long periods, hunched over the computer trying to find the perfect sounds to fit your mix. Working alone has undoubtedly brought about some world class music, people with a single minded devotion to create something beautiful can bring to life […]

Self Built is Best Built

When I first started getting the studio together, hiring someone to design and build it was never really an option. Firstly, we simply didn’t have the budget for it, we refused to get ourselves in debt, instead working with what we had available. Secondly, and maybe more importantly, when you build something yourself, you have […]

Imposter Syndrome/The Existential Dread

When your entire career is built on subjective matters, when a matter of taste can get you paid or not, it’s not surprising that we are all plagued at some point or other by imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome gets us all, the overwhelming dread that we’ve been hired for a job that we can’t possibly […]