Munich Sessions Compilation Vinyl Volume 2

Munich Sessions Compilation Vinyl Volume 2

Volume 2 of our Munich Sessions Compilation vinyl is just a snapshot of amazing artists The Munich Sessions has been lucky enough to work with in some way over the past couple of years. We would sincerely like to thank all artists for providing the following tracks.

Side A

  1. Alivan Blu · Southern Sun
  2. Caro Kelley · Junk Food
  3. Deer Park Avenue · Queen of Disaster
  4. Cooper Lower · Little Did I Know
  5. Mount Adige · Long Enough
  6. Dead Freights · How Much To Call Me Daddy


Side B

  1. Annie Hamilton · Whirlwind (Live)
  2. Clear Coast · Againiam
  3. Katie Wellenberg · May The Music Never End
  4. Johnny & The Yooahoos · Meeting Is Over
  5. Ulmo & I · Waldgeist