As you may or not of noticed, there has been a rather long break between posts for the flat sessions. Organising a festival kinda takes up a lot of time and sadly, some ideas get pushed down the list of priorities. But, on a that note, i finally got round to finishing some videos for our long time friend and musical magician Yusuf Sahilli. The Berlin based singer songwriter sat down for our flat sessions earlier in the year and with great pleasure we can show you a little of what he’s about. Taking influence from all walks of life and music, we fell in love with him from the first time he played for us several year ago.

1) How did you first get into music?
During our boring summer holidays in grammar school my best friends and I decided that we should start a cool band. Everyone had to learn a different instrument and I got into guitar playing and never got bored again…

2) First song you learnt?
At this time, there were no guitar tabs, no YouTube videos. You had to look for a guitar maestro who could teach you all of the tricks. My teacher at this time, David Gawthorpe taught me how to play and read classical music but also fun songs like Blackbird. The same guy who introduced me to one of my best friends and companions Damian Giambazi, who is co founder, writer, producer and part of the band.

3) Favourite album?
One favourite album – mhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… there are albums that I always listen to but also new ones I really love. All time favorites are definitely Love Is Hell from Ryan Adams, Francis Black and the Catholics – Black Letter Days, Amorica from Black Crowes, but also Bringing it Back Home, Grace and Harvest Moon, Graceland and more… But more recent albums from The War on Drugs, Grizzly Bear, The Shins, Arcade Fire and Blake Mills.

4) Favourite colour?

5) Who would win in a fight, batman or superman?
I hate Batman, he is too slow and is just a normal guy with lots of money. If I could choose then rather a person who has real super power.

6) Worst job you’ve ever had?
I worked once at a “Lock and Key Party” for Valentinsday in Liverpool. Girls had to buy locks and men keys – every 7th key fits into the lock. Girls had a neacklace with a lock and men tried to open the locks with a key and if it worked they made out. The party ended at 1am so everyone got super hammered… After this experience, I wrote my first song “In Gutter” inspired by a quote of Oscar Wylde: “We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.

7) Stupidest childhood injury?
I played tag and my nose got caught by a tree. But also the classical injuy – I skated down a ramp and landed on my face.

8) Most inspirational musician?
John Frusciante. He is just hanging out and writing and recording music.

9) Who would you most like to see live? (dead or alive)
Everyone wanted to see Jimmy Hendrix live… me too! But it would be also cool to be part of a recital of songs with Franz Schubert in the beginning ot the 19th century.

10) What superpower would you have?
The super power in guitar shredding!

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