The last show of the year and what a delightful way to finish 2016. Three acts from across the world graced the Munich Sessions stage and gave us the perfect present for a cold December night. So lets begin at the beginning, Marie Bothmer, a new and talented singer songwriter from the home of the sessions, Munich. We don’t often have musicians that sing in their native language so it’s always a treat when we hear great songs written and sung in Deutsch. Her tasteful melodies sit perfectly over well shaped songs, and with the exception of a little soundcheck trouble, was a star to work with as well. Sadly she couldn’t bring her band along with her for our event but that didn’t deduct from the performance, for a young lass on stage, she’s certainly found her feet amongst the scene of Germany. Her single can be found on the new Til Schweiger film which is a great start to a career in music, we will certainly be keeping a close eye on her for the future.
Next up we have the one girl band Luckless, originally from New Zealand, the kiwi is now based in Berlin. What we found most exceptional about her has to be her complete command of her sound. Too few artists go the extra mile to really fine tune their tones and sounds but with Luckless, she’s obviously spent her hours perfecting every tone, delay, reverb and echo to create a beautiful sound. She instantly reminded us of artist like PJ Harvey and Warpaint, heavy female vocals toned down to set a haunting scene on stage. She’s a strong lass and she brings it out on stage, was a joy to watch and listen to and we can’t wait to see her back on tour again.
The headline act to really finish off the year in style was the twins from Ireland, The Ocelots. We really cannot say enough good words about the young lads. True DIY artists, they pay for their tours out of their own pockets and busk along route to keep themselves fed. The first time they played the Munich Sessions in 2015 they shocked the crowd with stunning harmonies and hooks that wouldn’t leave your head for days, and now on their return to Munich this December the lads have done it again, only this time with a completely more refined set. The difference a year of practice and patience can make is incredible. Just as before they shocked the crowd with stunning songs and catchy hooks but this time it just felt more organised and perfected. Their new songs have now been on repeat for the team at Munich Sessions, anyone who’s interested in writing acoustic songs could take leaf from these lads books as each new song is just better than the last. We can’t wait to have them back and we genuinely believe that 2017 is going to be the year of The Ocelots.