Over the weekend of August 4-6th we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to run our our first open air music festival at Rindermarkt.

For those of you who attended thanks for supporting live music. Personally the best compliment we could receive all weekend was the amount of people who loved the quality and diversity of music. The sheer number of people congratulating our team on the choice of bands is proof to me that the Munich Sessions concept works and we need to keep it going.

As its the first time Patrick or myself have run anything of this scale we were extremely lucky to be able to call on the wealth of knowledge from people in our community who have run similar events in the past. I will endeavour to thank you all now.

First and foremost Paul Daly thank you so much for your willingness to answer any questions we had, providing a mass of equipment on the day, assistance with the breweries and more importantly, believing in our concept and pushing us to not take no for an answer from the city.

Greg Langley and Julian Kann thanks again for your help answering anything that we asked, sending us all your contacts and basically hand balling us the festival dates. Owe you a few pints.

Genevieve Cory and ESME e.V, without your backing this literally would not have been possible. Thank you so much for all the paperwork and city council dealings especially the adventurous one in the Hoffbrauhaus, I certainly could not have gotten through that without you.

Sini, mate we could not have done it without you thanks for taking the time off work to pretty much work the hardest you have all week so that this weekend was a success.

Schirin and Ole, could not have asked for two more experienced people to be on site for our first event. The fact that you flew back from sunny Spain to spend the weekend working with us makes it all the more special.

To all our staff Beni, Jakob, Red, Isabella, Sarah, Katie, Stefan, Chris, James, Connor, Miris, Sasha, Elena, Alisa and Max you all worked like a team of pros who’ve been doing it for years, was the smoothest run bar I’ve seen at a festival yet.

Tanya and Nicole thanks for taking the awesome pictures we have of the event.

Gunther and Denis on the sound and stage, I know the huge amount of changeovers and bands was at times overwhelming but you guys nailed it at all times.

Last and certainly not least thanks to all the musicians who supported us and took part. Without you all it would not have been a success. Some of you travelled far some were local but you all gave it loads on the stage and I am still receiving thank you messages from people who attended about the quality of live music that was on display over the weekend.

Finally I would personally like to thank Patrick, for without question doing absolutely anything I asked of him during the lead up and over the weekend, many a morning he woke up to a giant list of tasks to be completed. Also for the brilliant job of putting together the bar team.

Thanks again to all who attended, worked or performed it still feels surreal to have pulled it off. Now onwards and upwards we’ve plenty of time to plan for next year.