theprowlers3So as we’ve said before, both Jackson and myself are musicians. It’s because of this fact we started the sessions, we have so much fun playing we figured why not get as many people playing as possible.

So with that in mind, I’ve decided that we should share a little about our musical backgrounds and what we do other than The Munich Sessions.

Jackson was made in the pubs, he started singing and playing various forms of percussions there. Learning on stage is arguably the hardest way to do it, but also the most effective. Coming from a background of a traveling Aussie, he had no formal training and just decided that he would give it a go. Over the years and several different bands, he now takes lead vocals in 4 bands and kindly takes the drumming section in our main and most loved band The Prowlers. Now he’s past the long haired, traveler stage, he’s found himself quite comfortable in a gold sequin jacket fronting a swing big band, throwing out classics like the rat pack themselves.

Now myself, I’ve been a guitarist for a long time. I studied music in England (for whatever that’s worth) and expanded outside of the standard rock playing around the time that I moved to Munich. I now do a lot more orchestral compositions than guitar based music but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love stage time as much as the next man. And with that, we come back round to The Prowlers, our main band, we may only be a cover band but sometimes, people just want to have a good dance and rock out to some classic tunes and that is exactly where we come in. With the addition of our good friend and founder of the band, Paul Murray, we’ve been lucky enough to see some amazing venues, meet some amazing people and just generally let off some steam while playing our favourite songs.

I hope this little letter gives you a clue as to our background in music. We do it for the fun, for the experience and most importantly the music.

Check us out playing at Summer Tollwood a few years ago. One additional note, if you’ve ever seen the stage at Munich Sessions, Paul is responsible for building it.

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