I finally have the long awaited Munich Sessions Vinyl in my hand! It was such an honour to be able to share the moment with Jackson, Patrick and Petra at the Release Party. With that being said, I couldn’t wait to get home and sit down and really listen to it…

I’ve basically had the vinyl on repeat for the last week now and from the beginning it was clear that the vinyl is a refreshing compilation of very unique and different artists. There is something purely enjoyable about sitting down to a vinyl of some of the crowd favourites from the monthly Sessions.

The vinyl opens with the explosive and very catchy track ‘Black Night’ from KOJ, I don’t know how Jackson and Patrick did it but the vinyl hits the groud running and doesn’t slow down. Things carry on at a high pace with ‘Hold On’ from Yusuf Sahilli. I was fortunate enough to catch a couple of his performances he is a phenomenal artist and this track definitely doesn’t dissapoint. Next up is ‘Human Relations’ from Senakah – an incredible Irish rock band with the very talented Rob Hope on vocals, definitely one of many highlights on the first side of the vinyl. Munich’s very own Red Blood Cells continue to impress with their track ‘Fire’. The Red Blood Cells were definitely a crowd favourite. We then have the mind blowingly talented Eveline with the track ‘Scared’, this duo from Berlin absolutely blew the crowd away when they performed at Munich Sessions. The Ocelots break things down with their first recorded track ‘Oh My’, these two young Irish brothers are definitely artists to keep an eye on with their beautiful, emotional, pure raw talent. Side A comes to an end with ‘After Attack’ from Travel in Space, there are no words to do this track or band justice, it truly is something spectacular – you have to hear (and ideally see) it for yourself.

Side B kicks off with ‘Hold On’ by unique Australian band Ocean Alley. They are followed by the crazy talented irishman Joey Ryan and his track ‘Violet’, a fantastic song showcasing Joey’s vocal talent. Berlin band ARTWHY and their track ‘You’re So High’ continue to impress with the track encompassing everything that is an ARTWHY set. ‘What A Waste’ by Russel Joslin feat. Sarah McCaig is a smooth track that you can’t help but get in the groove of. The Jooles pick things back up again with the funky track ‘Break Of Dawn’. The vinyl is closed out by The Buffalo Skinners and their song ‘We Gotta Go’. The Buffalo Skinners and their sheer talent and passion shine through on this track, and I am not embarrased to admit that one of the songs during their live set moved me to tears.

My favourite thing about the album is the varied genres that are presented, from ARTWHY who you can’t help but dance too, to The Ocelots whose voices are so beautiful, emotional and raw. You have Munich’s very own Red Blood Cells who are guaranteed to get the crowd moving, and The Buffalo Skinners who should of been topping charts for years. It is impossible to narrow it down to one favourite track on the album as they are all phenomenal. As someone who has seen most of these artists at the Sessions, I can definitely stand behind the quality and authenticity of the featured artists, and I especially love how they are from all over the world. And also worth a mention is that many of the tracks on the vinyl haven’t been released anywhere else.

So, get your hands on a copy of the Munich Sessions Vinyl as soon as possible (if you don’t have a record player, get one! It’s worth it just to play this album).

And once again, a shout out to Jackson and Patrick – thankyou for bringing Munich Sessions to us, and congratulations on all the effort you put into this compilation as it has definitely paid off! 5 out of 5 stars from me. Or 10 rotten tomatoes. Or 100% on whatever scale means something to you! Get the vinyl – I promise you won’t be dissapointed.

Get a copy of the vinyl here!

Massive thanks to Amy for writing this review, it’s a pleasure to know the music and artists we pull together is enjoyed so much.

Cheers, Jackson, Patrick and Petra