We got word that a band was in town that was just our sort of thing. After causing Jackson a hectic day of work, he managed to wrangle a gig for the lads to go along side others that they were in town to play. To say we were impressed would be the biggest understate since “Houston, we have a problem.”

The five lads coming from every corner of the globe, produce stunning harmonies on perfectly crafted songs. We welcomed them round with their wide selection of instruments to record a few songs with us for the Flat Sessions, the largest and loudest we’ve had so far round to the flat will certainly be one to watch for the future.

1) How did you first get into music?
“I was 4 years old on my knees in front of a record player and I was convinced I was psychic because I knew all of the words Paul McCartney was going to sing before he sang them and I didn’t speak English.” -Olaf Caarls.

“We had a piano and I didn’t know how to play it but I really wanted to play and sing the Robin Hood soundtrack, so I just went about trying.” Dom Fricot

2) First song you learnt?
“Norwegian wood” -Olaf Caarls
“About a girl” -Dom Fricot

3) Favourite album?
“In the aeroplane over the sea, Neutral milk hotel or Bubblegum by Mariah Carey” -OC
“Boys for Pele, Tori Amos” -DF

4) Favourite colour?
Red like your mother’s eyes after a while of crying about how you don’t love her. She says “I know I don’t deserve supervised sight of her, but each day becomes a blur without my daughter.” -OC
“….yeah, I’d like to hear more from Olaf…” -DF

5) Who would win in a fight, batman or superman?
“Don’t ask questions if you don’t wanna hear the answer” -OC
“Why’d you say that?” -DF
“I don’t know, I don’t give a shit about superman” OC
“What about Batman” DF
“Well he’s kinda cool” -OC

6) Worst job you’ve ever had?
“Knife salesman, door to door, pyramid scheme” DF
“That’s the worst job you’ve ever had?? Sounds like ninja apprentice” -OC

7) Stupidest childhood injury?
“I ran into a wall once. Cracked my head open” -OC
“I once kicked a rock with open toe sandals, the rock won” DF

8) Most inspirational musician?
“John Lennon. Obladi oblada changed my life” OC

9) Who would you most like to see live? (dead or alive)
“Obviously John Lennon. I’m fairly certain Obladi oblada is the best track never to be played live. That or bohemian rhapsody, but again, John Lennon, am I right?” -DF

10) What superpower would you have?
“Twins. Sisters. I’m just watching” -DF

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