January 22nd we launched our new second show format for 2017, ‘Sunday Sessions’. The concept is loosely based on the MTV unplugged events. Our idea was for the musicians to be as unplugged and as raw as possible in an intimate atmosphere to perform stripped back versions of their music.

Sarah Beatty hailing from Canada opened with an extremely entertaining and witty set including some great stories and sing alongs. Matija then took the stage and really blew us away. The set the guys put together included a number of different setups with violin, keys, bass, guitar, recorder and cajon. Matija’s vocals were amazing on the night and his interaction with the crowd unreal.

The whole concert was streamed live on Facebook with over 4000 views to date. Go to https://www.facebook.com/munichsessions/ and check it out!

Check out all the pics here – January Sunday Sessions Gallery

To say the first show was a success is an understatement, we sold out the venue with 120 people showing up to enjoy the chilled Sunday evening vibe. Doors were officially supposed to open at 18:00 but the place was already full by 17:30. This made it quite hard to sound check the last band, but Patrick and Sarah got through it in the end and the sound was exceptional all night.

On behalf of Patrick, Petra and myself I would personally like to thank all who came out and supported the event, it was the first for us in this format and we were worried about a million different elements: would the sound be ok, volume ok, no feedback, would the crowd get that they need to be quite for it work, would we get anyone there, was Sunday a bad choice, was the time ok, would the artists enjoy it……. the list goes on. But everything went far better than we ever expected. We have both the artists and guests to thank for that.

The next Sunday Sessions is on February 5th with Munich’s own KLIMT and the Austrian duo 2seedsleft. Tickets are selling fast and are limited so get yours now here – http://www.munichsessions.com/tc-events/february-sunday-sessions-2017/