February for Munich Sessions.

February in Munich is not particularly the best month is it? Winter weather with no Christmas to look forward to, Valentine’s day brings either empty pockets or moments of loneliness, and Fasching at the end of the month to fill the streets with drunks in fancy dress. So imagine how happy we were to have 3 amazing events in this pain in the arse month. We started February we our second Sunday Sessions, with the hugely entertaining 2 Seeds Left and the stunning vocals of KLIMT.

2 Seeds Left are a duo from Austria that opened the Sunday Sessions with style. The well crafted songs had a sense of familiarity whilst still being a new treat for the ears, almost like a new film from your favourite director. The two also came across on stage as genuinely likeable people, making the crowd as comfortable as they were on stage. The other act from February’s Sunday Sessions, is a home grown talent with a voice that would reach at anyone’s heart strings. KLIMT was the perfect end to the Sunday evening, sometimes a haunting styled vocal, she managed to grab the attention of the crowd from the get go. With a Cello and Drummer joining her on stage for that extra dynamic, KLIMT delivered a beautiful set no one would soon forget. We loved both acts from the Sunday Sessions, we can’t wait to see what the future brings for both of them.

Now we come to the Munich Sessions from February, James Clayton opened the night, you can check out his Flat Sessions videos on the site but it does know justice to his live performance. A diamond to be around and a truly entertaining individual, James is cut from the classic styled singer songwriters, producing songs that catch you from the off, and seem to linger around for days in your head. Damn Ohrwurms. We were sad to learn that he’ll be departing soon back to his home country of Canada, but I’m sure its not the last we hear from James. To follow James, we had more Canadians on the stage with the duo Marla & David Celia. It’s so nice to see when musicians fit so perfectly together as these two, their vocals compliment each other so well, whilst the guitars never step on each others toes. The style of music from David and Marla would not be out of place in 60’s Woodstock, that’s not to say the music is old or unoriginal, in fact is refreshing to hear a sound that isn’t on the scene so often anymore. And even from a bias source such as myself, it’s great to hear and watch a good guitar instrumental snuck into a set. For the final band to play for us in February, we welcome backed with open arms Matt & Janko, known in this formation as Aggressive Swans,. Now we’ve had both gentleman play our stage in various different bands and under different names but this set, to me, was certainly my favourite so far. As sound technic for the night, I gotta admit I did have a little heart attack when I saw the command console for the Starship Enterprise being built at sound check but as testament to their preparation, not a single issue arrived when it was all plugged in. It was certainly worth the effort of pedals and synths though, the sound produced from these two is new, interesting, and completely different to what most people think of as live band music. It’s even hard to place we’re the two take influence from, you’d like to throw them into a electronic genre but then a guitar solo comes out that puts them in a category all of their own. Both local Munich musicians, if you’re even given the chance to watch Aggressive Swans live, take it, I mean, where else would you see a medieval styled flute run through a pedal board?

February became a very special month for the Munich Sessions team because it saw the release of our very first Munich Sessions Vinyl. A compilation of some of our favourite acts of 2016, it was the result of many months of hard work chasing down artists and vinyl producers. I won’t sit here and blow smoke up our own arses, for a great review you can find a blog entry from Amy Bisschops on this site, but it’s needless to say we were happy with the final results. We treated the release party as a sort of end of year celebration for the team, a night that we didn’t have to run, just enjoy the year of hard work and graft we’ve put into the Sessions. With the great DJ Claudie Sutra playing the best grooves the night went down a treat for guest, press and team alike and even though we made our first mistakes with vinyl production, we can’t wait to see what the vinyl for 2017 has in store.

Much Love

Patrick x