So what can we say? 2016 has been one of the greatest challenges set to us yet. Every time we thought things were on the up, life decided to throw a spanner in the works. That’s not to say we haven’t had the privilege of hosting bands and artists that have truly blown us away, but let’s start with the hurdles. Our biggest issue has always been finding a venue to call home, a place which is as comfortable having us as we are to be there, we started the year in our beloved Lost Weekend but were forced out after our June event by Bavaria’s finest. This left us again homeless and on the brink of scraping it all, we really began to question whether facing this much resistance was worth the rewards. But with a stiff upper lip and a dig down attitude found only in the outback we preserved and found a temporary place of residence in AWI. We really can’t thank the staff there enough, they put up with our constant questions and starting several hours before their shift starts to host us and for that we are forever grateful.
The biggest problem we found with the change of location is the bands we’d already booked for Lost Weekend. It came down to noise levels, so for example, we had two fantastic electronic bands booked for September and November sessions, Eveline and KOJ. And where as we would of loved to have our full setup with the sub set to such a level that would make your whole body vibrate with the huge synth sounds coming from both bands, we had to tone down both shows to keep all parties happy. Obviously both bands sounded amazing on the night and as testament to their characters had no problem in fixing their sets to accommodate, but we couldn’t help but feel a little disheartened by these small missing aspects.
Now i’ve had my moan about the down points of the year, lets have a look at what made it so special for us as well. I’ve mentioned before that Munich Sessions started as just Jackson and myself bumbling our way through the live shows and up until this year we were doing alright but we made a decision that it was time to finally get some help. Now we’ve had so much sound advice from bands and friends in the past but we’ve never had anyone that we could say was truly part of the team, that is until Petra and Sebi came along, Petra has been an outstanding help for the past few months, her knowledge of marketing and advertisement has help spread the word of Munich Sessions far beyond what we were already doing and we’re delighted to have her on our team now. Sebi was put into our team as a intern program through Globe Business College (thank you Susan and Jane), he’s constant happy face and eagerness to help has been vital to sharing our workload. We’re eternally grateful for their insight, help and fresh ideas that both have bought to the MS table.
So now let’s begin with the bands that helped make Munich Sessions what we are, firstly Boo Seeka. They took the position of being our first artist of a stand alone show, we got asked if we could host them and as the previous times before, we jumped at the opportunity with open arms and what a show they gave us. If you are ever presented with the chance to see the Aussie duo live, do not miss out. We’re excited as hell to hear their debut album and can’t wait to see them again at the sessions. A real surprise came to us with the northern english lads from The Buffalo Skinners, quite possible the nicest band we’ve ever worked with, and the easiest soundcheck I’ve ever done with so many members and instruments. Their up beat, happy tunes made everyone in the place smile but what really set them in our memories is how they changed their direction for one song and brought the crowd to tears in what seemed an effortless performance of their song Goodbye To My First Love. This song has worked it’s way into our top songs of the year and if you haven’t had heard it yet, go, go now and listen. But fair warning, bring a tissue.
Another beauty of a band the came our way was the Folk Road Show but as I’ve already written a blog (closer to a love letter) about them, I’ll let you find my previous posts and check them out yourself.
I could really sit here all day and talk about my favourite bands from the last year of Munich Sessions but to save you from the ramblings of a half cut english man with not a lot to do, I’ll finish this blog with the last band to play Munich Sessions of 2016. The beautiful music of The Ocelots, I really can’t say enough good words about the Irish twins. They are a delight to work with and even easier to listen to. Again, check out The Hangover post of the December Sessions to get a feel for what they’re putting out into the world, but apart from playing the sessions, the two lads came to the flat to record a new song that’s another great work of playful harmonies and delightful melody lines. I don’t want to let too much out but if things go as planned, 2017 could be an exciting year for work between Munich Sessions and the very special band The Ocelots.

Last of all, we’d like to say thank you to everyone who’s been involved in Munich Session over 2016, so thank you to the MS team, Paul, Petra, Alex, and Sebi, to Lissie and the staff at Lost Weekend, to every artist and band that played, to every booking agent and manager that sent bands our way and lastly and most importantly, to you, the crowd that makes all this worthwhile. Without you showing up at the Sessions and supporting live music and supporting us in what we do, none of this is possible.

We hope you had as fantastic end to the year as we did.

Peace, Love and Rock & Roll

Jackson and Patrick